Today I officiated my first wedding. This was a small wedding and their second wedding so they didn’t want anything spatular. It someone I met through another friend at their employment. The dress was casual, low budget, and they didn’t wear anything extravagant. The bride had a simple purple dress and he wore a rented suit. The wedding was outside in their backyard. Everything was there, the wedding and reception. The day was called to have rain but the rain held off and it only briefly rained lightly after the food was ready to be served. For the duration it … Continue reading Official

Apparently I don’t know what’s going on

I put in the notification to delete my Facebook page. Today, I just noticed I had notifications and they want me to boot a post. So, I haven’t a clue why it’s not deleting. I believe it says 14 days and then poof, gone. The date of my last post was November 10. Well, it’s November 24th, 2 days passed the date. Am I supposed to figure this out or just leave it? Continue reading Apparently I don’t know what’s going on